A Proud Part of Grande Yellowhead Public School Division

Principal's Message

Welcome to Fulham Community  School. 


 We are a small rural school that offers our students small class sizes in a positive, caring and inviting environment.  Our staff is dedicated to ensuring students are the most important part of the school.  They are the reason we are here.


Fulham Community School has always been a large part of our community.  When we host Christmas Concerts, Family Nights and Drama Productions, community members, parents and former students come to the school and visit with each other and staff members.  Past students come back and share what they are doing now.  Current parents are former students of the school.  Our school has second and third generations attending.  


The fact that we are a small school allows us to meet each students’ individual needs in a timely manner.  As a small staff we are able to collaborate with each other to serve all of our students and their needs.  Having an environment that students want to come to learn is very important to us.  Being a safe, caring and welcoming school is as important as instilling high quality performance in students. 


Our motto is “School, Family, Community”.  At first, to me, these words meant what it takes to help our students reach their full potential.  It takes the people in a school, in a family and in a community to give students everything they need.  The longer I am here, the more I realize these three words are who we are.  We are a school who cares about family and community.  We are a family that cares about school and community.  We are a  community that cares about school and family. 


I am proud of our school and our students.  They are world class kids and I can’t wait to see who they become as adults.

Janaya Marshall